Imaweld® - Heat Sealable & Weldable TPE Tube

Imaweld® is thermoplastic elastomer opaque tubing designed for fluid transfer in pharmaceutical and biotech applications. Imaweld® is specially formulated which meets requirement of pharmaceutical industries with superiority compare to PVC and Silicone.

  • Free of any toxic ingredients, successfully meets toxicity free requirements.
  • Manufactured and packaged in Clean Room Class of ISO-7 certified facility audited by TUV Nord.
  • Heat sealable and weldable to facilitate sterile connection.
  • Good flexibility & surface finish.
  • Laser etched for traceability.
  • Excellent acid and alkali resistance.
  • Smooth bore surface to eliminate particle entrapment.
  • Superior chemical resistance compare to silicone.
  • Custom dimension and length size available.
  • Available in opaque white (Imaweld® - W) & transparent color (Imaweld® - T).