Autoclave Gasket

Autoclave Gasket

An autoclave gasket serves a best performance for small scale to large scale operation of Pharmaceutical, Food, Medical, biotechnology and Lab applications wherever the components are exposed to sterilisation, curing, vulcanisation.

The substances are thermally treated in batches (batch operations) because of the typical closure with respect to the surrounding atmosphere.

Autoclave gasket is the main product which ensures and makes process safer, precise, easier, reproducible and validatable.

Ideal choice of material is very important for Leak- free service into your sterilizer and autoclave door seals.

  • Autoclave gaskets are available for steam sterilizer and dry heat sterilizer
  • Autoclave gasket are also available as Inflatable gasket
  • Excellent joint finishing from European manufacturing technology
  • Manufactured and packed in dust free area.
  • Ensures leak-proof operation.
  • Quality certifications available