Los Angeles

Washer Gasket

Step Molding is Carried out on Compression Molding machine. Special C‐Frame Type Molding machine is selected for this process. It is used for Production of Small Cross section in Moderate Length items. It is Process to Produce the Long Length / Moderate Length items in Step Cycle.

  • Continuous Joining Process Gives Best Joint for Endless Gasket. It will be like One Piece Production
  • No need to Make Bigger Dies for Endless Gaskets production
  • Smaller Length Gasket in Running Length Can be Produce in Less Rejection. (Setting Rejection in Extrusion is More Than this)
  • Sharp Profiles / Cross section can be maintained accurately as per requirement Other Products can be made by Step Molding Process
  • Big size BSF (Both Side Flat) Washer Gasket
  • Rectangular Strip
  • Square Cross Section Gasket
  • O-Ring Cord
  • Big Size O-Rings
  • Endless Gasket